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Established in 2005, Millennium Group ll is a consulting company that has evolved over the years.  Although our vision to create and maintain healthy, sustainable and safe communities hasn't changed over the years, our approach today is quite different that it was a decade ago.  In 2012, we identified sustainability consulting as a potential area for growth and transitioned our consulting business to support public and private economic development initiatives.  This shift has broadened our perspective and allows us to bring value and competitive advantage to our clients. 

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Millennium Group ll focuses on inclusion solutions that help meet procurement, economic opportunity, diversity management, certification compliance, community outreach, and sustainable supplier goals.

Millennium Group ll strives to be a leader in sustainability and economic inclusion management.  We work with developers to submit an inclusion utilization plan with their proposals, qualifications or bids.  We also maintain an accurate database consisting of a wide variety of high-quality, certified resources to expand our client's vendor base.

In managing a client's Minority, Women, Section 3, Veteran-owned, Disadvantaged and Small Business Programs, we not only provide effective outreach, but serve as a user-friendly point of contact.  

We take a truly sustainable approach to economic inclusion by providing resources that are trained to be environmental stewards, socially responsible and economically conscious.

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To bring value to projects through collaboration, innovation, inclusion, and the effective use of green technologies and sustainable practices.